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Outdoor display advertising folding tent
Outdoor display advertising folding tent

【Specifications】:Can be customized

【Weight】:15KG or 18KG, can also be done on request.
【Other sizes are available】:2M*2M;2M*3M;2.5M*2.5M;3M*3M;3M*4M;3M*6M(Commonly used specifications)。
【Fabric color】:Blue, red, green, yellow, orange, white, welcome to order.
【Tent fabric】:420D, 600D PVC Oxford cloth Oxford cloth.

tent bracket : steel frame with baking white paint on the surface

product features : 1. Folded four-corner advertising tent (also known as easy to open and close folding tent). Convenient and lightweight complete specifications, customized specifications, the skeleton is made of square control, the surface is processed by baking white paint, surface coating, waterproof coating, waterproof anti-aging treatment. Folding four corners advertising tent durable, beautiful and generous, easy to disassemble and disassemble, easy to carry, when put away can be put in the car tail box, leisure and comfortable, price concessions, welcome your patronage.

2. The installation can be completed within 1 minute, light and durable, easy to carry, easy to retract and release, flexible pillar can adjust the height of the tent at will, suitable for different environments and terrains, simple and stable. Easy to disassemble and carry, can be quickly folded up when moving, PVC Oxford cloth waterproof and sunscreen, durable and easy to clean, complete specifications, a variety of colors, generation printing advertising logo.

3. All products are stitched by imported double-needle cart, with the appearance of water chestnut, three-dimensional sense, stronger wind resistance and more durable.

4. Inside the top of the tent, there is one layer of interlining cloth, and the double top is more durable and durable.

5, tent pole height is 1 meter, more fluid drainage.

product price : according to the specific advertising text description and LOGO (version fee), and to do the specific number of quote price, absolutely preferential price!

product use : the tent can be used alone, or it can be used in connection with multiple joint ventures. The application range is larger and more flexible. Suitable for large-scale exhibitions, groups, public affairs, mobile stalls, hotels, clubs, schools, and other outdoor sports and leisure travel, beach, wild, expedition. Can be used as temporary place, temporary garage, workplaces, etc., and can print advertising is widely used in Banks, securities companies, real estate finance and insurance industry, telecommunications, logistics, training institutions and pure water, medicine, outdoor activities, such as home appliances products such as promotion is propaganda enterprise image and tourism and leisure ideal choice.

installation instructions :

1. Remove the tent supports and top cloth from the carton.

2. Open the tent rack 50%.

3. Put the cover on the top of the middle of the cover. Aim the four feet of the cover at the four feet of the cover.

4. Pull the shelf 95% apart.

5, there are 4 spring buttons on the foot that every awning wears, buckle in the square tube eye of fluctuation activity, if very heavy, use shoulder force to carry (because it is new cloth), same operation 4 corners.

6, have the chassis of the four inner tube pull out, to a certain height will automatically buckle, so a peng son installed.

  Quality assurance, price concessions, welcome your patronage!


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