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Arcum tent
Arcum tent


Tent span by 3 meters -40 meters customized

Unit combined structure, according to different specifications, span and profile selection, divided into 3m spacing or 5m spacing infinite extension.

At least two regular rooms to ensure the safety of the tent; Special single room production need to consider the use of the environment and do reinforcement design.

The normal side height is 2.5 meters /3 meters /4 meters /5 meters. The side height of the large span tent is controlled within 7 meters to ensure safe use. Special can be customized according to customer requirements

Frame part:

The main frame is mainly made of high-strength aluminum, the connecting part is mainly made of hot-dip galvanized iron, and the steel and aluminum tent is made of high-quality Q235 steel.

The surface treatment of key structural iron parts is all hot-dip galvanized or sprayed, and some iron parts are sprayed.


The top cloth and the surrounding cloth mainly adopt PVC double-sided coating, PVC tarpaulin made of high strength polyester filament

The main function of tarpaulin is waterproof, fireproof, uv-proof and self-cleaning. The fireproof grade is B1

The cover specifications are: 540g/㎡610g/㎡, 630g/㎡650g/㎡, 750g/㎡, 850g/㎡, 900g/㎡

Tarpaulin color: white as usual; Can choose red, white, red; Other colors can be customized, the manufacturing cycle and the price will rise in step.

Optional supporting facilities:

Regular cover wall

Simple cover door

Fix with conventional expansion screw

The canopy is decorated with striped cloth

The glass wall

Glass safety door

Soil - long steel nails fixed

The top curtain decoration

Sandwich wall

Sandwich door

Bearing fixation (bearing block/weighing plate)

Top curtain, surrounding curtain decoration

PVC hard edge wall


Simple wood floor system

Union awning with gutter

Single layer color steel tile wall

Transparent window, glass window, cloth curtain screen window

Steel supported wood floor (reinforced)

Parallel corrugated iron gutter

Insulation wall and insulation canopy

Conventional lighting

Engineered plastic wood flooring

Strengthen windproof steel cable system

The characteristics of:

Unit combined structure, according to the site free splicing, simple to build and dismantle, convenient

Superior combination of characteristics, extending infinite space

Inside the tent there are no pillars and the space is 100% utilized

Suitable for a variety of sites, such as lawn, asphalt, cement, etc

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