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Music festival, Expomax(China)Tent to help you HIGH up
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In 2016, music is coming. Shanghai strawberry music festival, Beijing MIDI music festival, Yangtze river international music festival, spring wave music festival... Hi.

Under a certain theme, many bands come together to give a series of performances for several days, which is really a festival. Such festivals are often outdoor because they are free to accommodate as many fans as possible. On-site entertainment facilities, interactive entertainment, and other aspects need to be fully upgraded, so the installation of temporary building "tent" will be the perfect music festival indispensable environmental and efficient choice.

Back to 20 years old in the film the heroine in the outdoor, held a wonderful concert at the scene of the music they have a tent set up for elegant dressing rooms, awning room set up temporary locker room, storage room, lounge, awning room, these beautiful atmosphere not only wind and rain resistance, convenient and flexible, safe and effective, and build a festival joyful atmosphere, more important is in line with the "green environmental protection, enjoy music" belief. At the same time, the simple and fast canopy provides abundant space for performers and fans, so that people can enjoy the beauty of music, which makes the festival more successful.

Since its inception, anbang as the production of awning experts, has been constantly providing our customers with more diverse shapes, more convenient disassembly, higher economic performance of the product. In addition, our anbang tent is very flexible and convenient, convenient storage, small size, easy to transport, safe and reliable, green environmental protection and other characteristics.

Anbang tent is the choice of high-quality products and efficient and intimate service. We will uphold the quality of the important, customer first principle, sincere look forward to the pleasant cooperation with customers!

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