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Expomax(China)Tent shelter for your factory - wuxi world-renowned enterprise steel beam tent project
agtent 2016-03-18 1420 time

Recently, anbang tent and a world-renowned machinery manufacturing company completed a successful cooperation. Advanced technology and management concepts make them world-renowned. Anbang tent is honored to cooperate with such a well-known enterprise.

The tent project is located in one of the company's factories in wuxi. In order to make full use of the factory space, they chose the combination of steel frame and tarpaulin, taking into account many factors such as economy, environmental protection, safety and durability.

No other tent company has had similar project experience before, which is a big test for anbang tent. However, it has two tent in the industry for domestic outstanding team of engineers and construction team, through the field measurement of accurate and scientific construction arrangement, it finally finished this project two tents, not only get the customer's affirmation and praise, we, too, has accumulated valuable experience, in the field of awning room is very important and solid step on the road.

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