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How to choose the tent construction site and fixed tent method
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As a convenient and quick outdoor temporary mobile building, tent has been increasingly used in many fields such as commercial exhibition, logistics storage and wedding ceremony. So what kind of site to choose for the tent? How should build good awning to undertake securing again? I believe that this article will be of some help to friends who have such questions.

First of all, we anbang mobile tent manufacturing co., LTD. Production of the tent, from the beginning of the design adhere to save time and money for customers, to provide customers with convenient and fast concept, in the simplified installation and convenience of customers into a lot of energy. After continuous practice and improvement, our tent is now basically applicable to most common ground, no special requirements for the construction site, whether it is asphalt pavement, cement ground, marble ground, or grass ground, our tent can be built safely and reliably. However, considering the long-term safety of the tent, we should try to choose a relatively flat ground, if the customer has special needs, also should consider the use of water and electricity around the tent site, traffic and other conditions.

Having chosen the site, how do you fix the tent? There are three common fixation methods:

1. Brazing fixation: it is mostly applicable to grass or soil ground. It should be noted that there is no power supply and water supply pipeline below the ground when brazing is used to ensure safety;

2. Expansion screw fixation is mostly applicable to cement floors and other floors that can be destroyed. This method of fixation has the lowest material cost, but requires on-site power supply;

3. Load-bearing fixation, use in the load-bearing plate or frame to add heavy objects (such as sandbags) for fixation, applicable to the road can not be destroyed, according to the size of the tent to adjust the amount and weight of heavy objects to ensure safety.

The use of the tent is not the same, the choice of the site and fixed method can also be flexibly applied, if you still have questions in this respect, you are welcome to contact us at any time, our experienced engineers will actively answer for you.

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