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Questions to consider before choosing a tent
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What kind of tent do you choose

Circular tube in abroad tents awning room is common, they are easy to set up, cost also is not very high, but the circular tube tent and must have the central pillar support, also need a lot of posts in tent, very affect the activity space of the tent, and also need the rope fixed outside the tent, so you need more space, and circular tube tent ability to resist wind and rain is not very strong. Domestic those who use most is aluminium alloy awning, aluminium alloy awning does not need the support of central pillar, it has a sturdy aluminium alloy frame, the space inside awning will get 100% use, and build very easy also, weatherproof ability is very strong also, because this is current outdoor activity awning is first selection.

How much space does a tent need

According to tent rental business experience summary, generally 0.75 square metres per person of the cocktail party, tea type 0.75 square metres per person of reception, banquet activities 1 square meters each, for sidewalks and chair is put, need to reserve a 0.5 square meters per person, if you don't know how to calculate the awning room need to the size of the space, can consult our meister awning room staff, they will be happy to give you advice, they have the space requirements table and rich experience.

3. Selection of tent construction site

Although a tent can be built in many places, there are also some factors to be considered. The factors to be considered for the tent construction site are: obstacles above the tent, such as trees and low-altitude power lines, and underground facilities, such as underground water pipes and cables. Tent builds the ground circumstance of the site to also need to consider, tent cannot build in uneven place, the word that builds tent on concrete, mud ground, sand will need wooden floor.

4. Some local management regulations

Want to understand the management regulation of field of tent building before tent builds, some place cannot make a fire, some need to equip fire fighting system, some place cannot build a building casually, these should understand clear, but should not be what big problem.

5. Tent decoration and accessories

Generally speaking, can decorate the tent that you rent freely according to your own wish, want not to damage tent only, a few surround shade, smallpox, slogan are allowed, but mark of mark of a few acupuncture or ink is not allowed, discharge fireworks inside tent, barbecue is not allowed at the same time.

6. Tent rental time

In order to make your party or activity go smoothly, you should consider your tent choice a few weeks in advance, consult with the tent company, if possible, ask them to do a site evaluation, discuss a reasonable solution after the deposit to confirm the order. The tent should be set up a few hours early on the day of the event, which gives you plenty of time to make sure everything runs smoothly and you can better organize the event.

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