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Expomax(China)Tent what features and highlights
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Expomax(China)Tent Co.,Ltd.(Changzhou) for business mobile production by the awning room has the following characteristics: the span of awning room can grew up to 3 meters, 6 meters, big to 30 meters, 40 meters range for your choice, is entirely length can adjust according to your site, without too much limitation, at the same time, the awning room to set up the venue itself has no special requirements, general ground such as sand, grassland, cement floor, asphalt and other ceramic tile floor tile of the ground can be.

The highlight of our tent can be roughly summarized as the following points:

1. Flexible and convenient, easy to install and disassemble, free choice of site, can be built in different environments;

2. Safe and stable, aluminum alloy frame, connection of steel parts, high-frequency welding of PVC tarpaulin, fixed base, strong mechanical properties;

3. Follow up the whole process of pre-sale, sale and after-sales service, and feed back and solve the problems as soon as possible;

4. Meet the different requirements of different customers, can design according to the needs of customers, produce personalized awning, and can provide corresponding supporting facilities (hard wall, floor, furniture, lamps and lanterns, air conditioning, etc.);

5. It has a wide range of USES. Our tent can be widely used in commercial exhibitions, festivals, wedding parties, catering and entertainment, logistics and warehousing, leisure and entertainment, etc.

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