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What is a tent
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Tent is a new type of outdoor activity with temporary construction, is an application of tent, storage and transportation is light, known as "mobile property." It is widely used in temporary warehouse, workshop, temporary construction, exhibition tent, construction tent, emergency relief. Tent is a brand-new concept to international masses, also be in the daily outdoor activity that just appears to be people gradually in recent years, it is composed by base original mobile frame and tarpaulin, frame has alloy and steel to be main component commonly, store convenient, have the characteristic such as volume small. Tarpaulin is a very important part of the tent. Its quality directly affects the security of the tent and is closely related to the security of the activity. Therefore, it is very important to choose high-quality tarpaulin.

Tent design concept safe, fast, elegant. Products span from 3 meters to 60 meters, the main types are: small tent, cone roof, garden tents, tent, for party festival tent, tent, for holiday wedding tent, tent, tent, bent column couple awning room, canopy room, polygon awning room, double awning room and so on, at the same time for the customer tailor-made products you need, provide creative solution space, meet the personalized requirements of customers with a full range of accessories to choose, all accessories increased the function of awning room and use, meet customers' various needs. Such as wall cloth with transparent PVC Windows, transparent tent and wall cloth, anchor nails, pillar bearing plate, smallpox decoration cloth, tarpaulin, digital painting, glass curtain wall, glass, ABS hardware wall, glass door, sink, the air conditioning system structure such as stents used high strength aluminum alloy profiles, adopting hot-dip galvanized steel parts, tarpaulin with flame retardant PVC synthetic fiber cloth, waterproof fire combustion uv protection function of excellence. Under normal installation and fixed conditions, the wind resistance can be up to grade 8 to grade 10. All production process in strict accordance with the ISO international quality management system, all products are through strict quality inspection and test and the standard before shipment, to ensure the safety of the products and take the tent is different from traditional architecture for disassembly feasibility of three elements: 1. The security firm, solemn elegant, natural protection against all kinds of bad environment 2. Super combination properties, stretch infinite space 3. Flexible installation, transportation and quick.

The tent is located in Europe, which is different from the ordinary tent is equivalent to a temporary building, safe performance is reliable, for different types of site can be built quickly and flexibly. The tent is free of any extra beams and columns, the space utilization rate reaches 100%, through your careful planning, the use of space is more imaginative, the tent enhances the outdoor activities of a variety of possibilities, enhance the whole new concept of activities. Awning in the rental industry developed in Europe and the United States has been very popular, awning products are very mature, and has a perfect awning ancillary facilities and other supporting services, has formed a complete industry. And tent industry just begins in China, tent house also is a little-known concept in home. But with the continuous development and perfection of the tent industry, this concept is being understood and familiar by more and more people.

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