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How to choose a wedding tent
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With the increasingly close cultural exchanges between China and the west and the continuous improvement of people's pursuit of quality of life, more and more people choose to hold their wedding in the beautiful scenery outdoors. How to add luster to oneself outdoor wedding, let friends and relatives in a comfortable, safe, pleasant environment to share their joy, the choice of a lot of friends is wedding.

So what do we need to pay attention to when choosing a wedding tent?

A. It is preparation work above all, specific content includes according to the number that attends a wedding and place to decide the size of tent, prepare the relevant supporting facilities of tent according to your specific other requirement, wait like chromatic cloth curtain and interior decoration.

2. Determine the design of the wedding tent. What is more commonly used is the style of the tent in the two pictures we have inserted in this article, which are pointed and herringbone, respectively. The roof can be used as a venue for the wedding ceremony, beautiful and romantic; Hermitage beam tent can serve as the viewing area of friends and relatives, elegant atmosphere.

3. According to your wedding time, in advance with our manufacturers of awning contact, in a timely manner will be wedding awning sent to your hand, let our awning to your wedding icing on the cake.

In line with the principle of customer first, quality first, our changzhou anbang mobile awning manufacturing co., LTD has produced various types of wedding awning for different customers for many times, and has won unanimous praise from customers. If you have your own unique ideas for your wedding tent, our technology is excellent, experienced technical team can also be tailored according to your requirements for you a person's wedding tent, let you have a unique perfect wedding!

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