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Expomax(China)Tent for double 11 logistics problems to provide solutions
agtent 2015-11-07 1669 time

The annual double 11 will soon come, the major logistics companies anxious fire day is approaching, changzhou anbang mobile tent company manufacturing storage mobile tent for the majority of logistics enterprises to solve the pressing need.

Mid-october, wuhan, chengdu, chongqing, and other logistics companies to lead them tent company customize different specifications for mobile awning room, there are 8 m span 40 meters long and 15 m span 50 meters long, 80 meters long, there are 18 m span, and so on, customers in wuhan and chengdu customer installed end on November 1, finally a chongqing clients also ended on November 5, afternoon installation build, pick up her double 11 smoothly.

A number of logistics companies in anbang mobile tent company after the completion of the project construction, smile from head to head, think of these years double 11, express packages piled up, can put them anxious, this changzhou anbang mobile tent for their customized mobile tent let them completely out of the double 11 dilemma.

Changzhou business mobile awning room on mobile awning room series not only solves all kinds of large industrial equipment procurement fair, various sales promotion fair, recreational sports events and other places of temporary, industrial enterprise temporary storage or long-term storage of 10 years or more, with the strength of his dedication is a bit small but also solve the urgent need for double 11 similar activities.

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