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Zombies! Changzhou anbang mobile tent manufacturing co., LTD. Added color to the "zombie run" activity in joyplay valley
agtent 2015-10-22 2566 time

Another year of Halloween is coming, in order to celebrate this crazy festival, changzhou joyvalley has planned a new "zombie run" activities. And we, changzhou anbang mobile tent manufacturing co., LTD., are very honored to become the tent supplier of this activity.

To be able to foil this "zombie runs" the atmosphere of the activity, changzhou anbang mobile awning manufacturing co., LTD chose modelling novelty intentionally, the apex of functional diversity awning. The roof of our company is made of aluminum alloy with high strength and high quality, and the tarpaulin is made of double-layer PVC knife scraping tarpaulin, which is not only rainproof and fireproof, but also can effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation, providing an effective guarantee for reducing any adverse environmental factors that may come during the activity.

Changzhou anbang mobile tent co., LTD. For this event produced the top of the tent, all around the use of waterproof printing printed with the event organizer's LOGO, elegant, durable. Anbang awning produced by the roof, with exquisite and beautiful, a wide range of applications, flexible and convenient use of the characteristics. Anbang canopied tent can be placed in any corner of the activity site. Limited by the terrain, anbang canopied tent can be used for activity command, storage of goods, location identification and other purposes, providing a strong guarantee for the smooth holding of this activity.

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