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On the eve of National Day, anbang's first fitness equipment experience tent entered some communities in Shanghai, which shortens the distance for citizens to experience fitness equipment. The sales staff of anbang tent company finished the construction and debugging of the tent on September 29, in order to make sure that the fitness equipment could cope with any weather and not be caught in the rain.

As we know, the design and planning of community construction is not controlled by general associations or grassroots government organizations. Although there are not many vacant land or temporary places, it is still difficult to supplement the functions of the community with temporary buildings. The mobile tent manufactured by anbang tent company completely solves this difficulty. Due to the mobile nature of anbang's tent and the large scalability of its area, the area varies from 9 square meters to 1,000 square meters (anbang tent has served some exhibitions, exhibitions and sales, industrial storage and commercial performance tent with over 10,000 square meters of individual projects). In particular, anbang tent demolition time is fast, low labor costs, small projects generally 1 hour to 6 hours, the use cycle can be 2 hours, half a day, or 1 week, January, 6 months, 1 year or 2 years. Can be at any time to dismantle, build, comprehensive service life are more than 12 years, can be repeatedly used. This provides a temporary activity place for the government to publicize and implement the party's guidelines and policies, provide some government assistance, and take various measures by associations, enterprises and organizations to benefit the citizens, which not only solves the problem of activity place, but also maintains the integrity of the overall architectural design and planning of the early community.

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