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Yanxia time limit, guizhou project smooth delivery!
agtent 2015-08-20 2945 time

At the end of July, anbang received an order from a customer in guizhou. It was the hottest time of summer and changzhou had not seen any rain for several days. Many factories had to put on a high temperature holiday to let workers go home. But at this time, the client from guizhou asked anbang to complete the project of more than 3,000 square meters within 10 days and deliver it to the designated place in early August. After careful calculation, apart from three or four days in the transportation process, anbang only had less than one week.

We know that the customer needs to prepare for the company's activities as soon as possible before putting forward this requirement. In order to enable the customer to pick up the goods on time and use them, anbang immediately organized technicians to prepare the drawings and all departments to work overtime. On a hot summer day, when the temperature outside is approaching 40 degrees, anbang's workshops are quiet, except for the noise of machines and sporadic conversations, and the workers are hard at work with a clear division of labor.

Because the client is the first time to use the tent, in order to let the client feel at ease and rest assured to use it, anbang also used half a day to try to build for the client during the tight construction period, and through video to the client with intuitive presentation, won the trust of the client.

In the process of competing for the project deadline, the workers voluntarily gave up rest and worked overtime to fight for the company's important orders, which also made the team cohesion of anbang stronger. Finally, anbang delivered the goods on time and went to guizhou to instruct the client to build and complete the project successfully. For anbang, it is our mission to meet the needs of our customers. Seize the day and get things done! Forge high-quality goods and make things real!

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