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[Expomax(China)Tent] parking shed (awning) -- keep your car from being exposed to the sun in summer
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Entering the hot summer, what is the most headache for the car owners? That is to sit in a car that has been exposed to the sun for several hours. I believe that everyone who has had the same experience will definitely feel the same experience. If we have to make an analogy, it's like wearing clothes and pants into the sauna room of 50 or 60 degrees. Although you can rely on the air conditioner to cool down after the car is started, you must be on pins and needles waiting for your car to cool down.

In fact, in addition to bringing unpleasant feelings to the body, there are many hazards of car exposure. Try not to put inflammable and explosive materials in the car, such as lighters and gas tanks, in the sun. Men, remember not to leave your lighter in the car. Female compatriots should not put too many snacks on the car, especially the plastic packaged food. The temperature inside and outside the car is very different when the car is exposed to high temperature. In addition, the prepared mineral water should also be placed in the trunk which will not be exposed to light. Because bottled mineral water can decompose harmful substances under high temperature, drinking it for a long time will definitely reduce your health. In addition, the high temperature will also cause aging and discoloration of the car with hard plastic interior... In a word, what Xiaobian wants to say is that in such a hot day, if you don't park in the open air, try not to stop.

Today, in addition to popularizing the information about the harm of automobile exposure, Xiaobian also wants to share a good solution with you, especially for enterprises with factories, which should be regarded as a blessing. Recently, we have received several orders for customized parking sheds (awnings) for enterprises. Although many people think that it's better to buy a few hundred yuan of parking garage on a treasure to use it casually. The caravan provided by Anbang mobile caravan is of unit combination type, which can be increased or decreased equidistant, and can be disassembled separately or used as a whole; the caravan can be folded and the frame is small after disassembly, which can meet the needs of customers in product convenience. In addition to convenience, security is believed to be the concern of more people. Different from a treasure, our tent has the advantages of windproof, rainproof, snowproof and durability. Even in the previous rainstorm days, our tent can pass smoothly.

More than 10 years of life, give your car the most solid protection. This summer, hurry to Anbang mobile caravan to customize your own canopy (shed).

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