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What are the functions of the tarpaulin?
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The tent is mainly composed of two parts, one is aluminum alloy main frame, the other is tarpaulin.

What are the features of the tarpaulin? Awning, tarpaulin products can play the role of rain, heat, cold and so on. Therefore, this kind of product must have certain performance.

Basic performance requirements of tarpaulin

From the various purposes of tarpaulin, the general requirements are:

(1) light weight, easy folding and easy handling;

(2) high strength, wear resistance and long service life;

(3) good waterproof and air permeability, inside anti-condensation water;

(4) acid and alkali resistance, mildew resistance and corrosion resistance;

(5) good weather resistance, flame retardant, fire prevention;

(6) no core suction effect, no moisture conduction.

Tarpaulin class generally requires a "three - defense" function. Namely waterproof, fireproof (flame retardant), mouldproof.

(ii) main performance indicators

In the specific product design or use, to consider the following performance indicators of tarpaulin.

1. Air permeability: the air permeability of tarpaulin must be considered, especially for military awning. The influence factors of air permeability include the fabric structure, density, material, waterproof finishing agent type, resin adhesion, etc. With the increase of resin adhesion, the permeability of tarpaulin decreased. Of course, this is related to the finishing agent used. The tent that has permeable sex commonly is the product of the short rape dimension fabric such as the cotton that classics paraffin or propylene fine resin sorts, vinylon, lacquer fiber.

2, tensile strength: tarpaulin in the use of all kinds of tension, such as when fixed tension to be tension: the use of the process to be the wind, rain, saving and other additional forces. In spite of these forces, they are still required to remain in their original shape and not easily deform. This requires a higher tensile strength of the cover, and there should not be too much difference in the tensile strength between the warp and the weft. The tensile strength of inflatable structures is especially important. In general, its backing is made of high strength polyester, vinylon and other long fiber fabrics. It is waterproofed by vinyl chloride resin and chlorosulfonyl polyethylene resin. The strength of the product is mainly determined by the strength of the fiber material and the density of the fabric.

3, elongation leather and dimensional stability: as eaves and large awning, is often used under tension. Fabric elongation should not be too large, its dimensional stability is determined by the creep characteristics of the material.

4, tearing strength: tarpaulin damage is mainly caused by tearing, so tearing strength is an important indicator of tarpaulin. Tear strength is related to whether the tarpaulin will break due to the action of flying objects or for some reason after the formation of holes in the formation of a large structural cracks. So when the tension is high. Both high tensile strength and tear strength are required for the cover.

5, water resistance: water resistance is an important characteristic of tarpaulin. Through impregnating finishing, the vinyl chloride tree environment is filled in the gap of the fabric to form a coating film. If the resin adhesion per unit area exceeds a certain degree, water resistance is not a problem. If the film is thin, by bending, soft rub or surface wear, the film is easy to break, may cause mud.

6, flame retardant: from the use of safety, the requirements of the tarp has a better flame retardant. Flame retardant properties can be obtained by selecting flame retardant fibers and substrates, or by adding flame retardant coatings. There is a direct relationship between the amount of flame retardant and the flame retardant effect.

In addition to the above performance requirements, tarpaulin also requires excellent cold resistance, heat resistance, cover, creep resistance, repeated fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance and flexure resistance.

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