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Consider the exhibition tent
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What are the elements of an exhibition tent to consider?

In the street, you can always see various businesses in various promotional activities, or set up a simple stage or inflatable curtain, the structure is relatively simple and not beautiful.

With the understanding of the merchants to the exhibition tent, more and more merchants will choose the exhibition tent in the exhibition, outdoor wedding, outdoor promotion, celebration party, entertainment, sports, product promotion, festival activities.

Compared with inflatable curtain, pole curtain, folding curtain, sunshade or temporary concealment, exhibition tent has more advantages.



The obvious feeling of outdoor activities is that there are many uncertain factors, such as rain, snow, strong wind, high temperature and so on. If we choose the aeration curtain that security is poorer, support rod curtain, fold curtain, sunshade or temporarily build conceal content, so the life safety of the personnel that participates in an activity gets safeguard very hard, other USES the space inside these curtain to also have no method to undertake decorating, so what the activity also can do does not have class. If you choose an exhibition tent the situation is completely different.

Exhibition tent stability, rain - proof, fire performance to reach the standard. The frame adopts the high strength light alloy material as the fixed bracket, which is easy to disassemble and assemble, convenient to store, small in size and easy to transport.

Tarpaulin is double-sided coated PVC tarpaulin, tarpaulin surface has self-cleaning skills, sun-proof, uv-proof is now more advanced mature products. The tent inside the exhibition does not have any bracket to occupy the use space to be able to advance the use efficiency of the exhibition tent, at the same time, the decoration inside the exhibition tent can be numerous but simple, can choose to decorate according to the specification of your exhibition, the grade of progress activity.

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