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What is the ventilation effect of the storage tent?
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The ventilation of the storeroom plays an active role in maintaining the normal operation of the storeroom and ensuring the output power. It can not only take away the turbid airflow and harmful gases that affect the health of the warehouse operation staff, but also reduce the influence of heat on the service life of the equipment, so that fresh air can be satisfied in the warehouse and the environmental quality in the warehouse can be improved. What about the ventilation of the storage tent?

Natural ventilation is smooth and sufficient. The condition is to satisfy the large area of air inlet and air outlet when the warehouse is ventilated, and to design the orientation of air inlet and air outlet reasonably. The area of the air inlet should be equal to the area of the air outlet when the ventilation frequency of the air inlet meets the requirements of the ventilation of the warehouse.

Aluminum structure around the tent can be used as a soft PVC cover cover, according to the demand at any time to open the number of air vents and orientation, to ensure the area of air inlet and outlet.



The ventilation design of the storeroom should reasonably arrange the orientation of air inlet and air outlet in the building. The orientation of the air inlet and outlet should be noted: try to open the air inlet area in the lower operating area. That is to say, if the height that heat breaks out is in 1m, that strives for the organization of air inlet as far as possible 1m below.

If the air inlet is higher than 1m, when the residual heat attack rises, the bottom makes up for the new air is not sufficient, the demand for upper cold air to go down, it will be in the residual heat attack surface attack cyclone, not conducive to ventilation. In the organization into the air outlet, also need to consider the regional natural wind direction, as far as possible to form a draft wind.

Windshield is installed in the air outlet to prevent backflow attack. Other need to prevent the attack area air intake short circuit, keep in mind blind open high side window, when the area of the air inlet is less than the air outlet, the inside of the side wall directly formed air circulation, to the direction of the depth of the new air source, the ventilation of the depth of the obstruction of the role. Of course, in the case of large air inlet in the ventilation design of the warehouse, opening high side Windows to increase the area of air outlet is also an active factor, which cannot be generalized.

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