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Why are tents so widely used in the Olympics
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Why are tents so widely used in the Olympics

Awning has the reputation of "mobile real estate", which is favored by all walks of life because it is elastic architecture, unit combination design, quick construction and other characteristics.


Why are tents so widely used in the Olympics?

That's because canopies can be used for global events, professional exhibitions, themed festivals of different styles, large-scale conferences, temporary outdoor showrooms, corporate celebrations, short-term warehouses and weddings. These are high-quality awning, the love that gets user deeply, trust and extensive praise. Examples include London, home of the 2012 Olympics, and Rio DE janeiro, home of the 2016 Olympics. In these games, the tent has been widely used as a "mobile property".





The specification diversity of awning, we have a lot of style on the appearance of awning, for example herringbone awning, canopied, double deck awning, much vaulted awning, vaulted form awning is etc. Changzhou anbang mobile awning manufacturing co., LTD. After nearly ten years of hard work, absorb the domestic awning industry engineer elite team. We can design according to your needs.



Tent appearance is elegant, can be used repeatedly, agile tear open build, safe environmental protection, so just can be applied extensively at Olympic Games, also apply extensively at our side.





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