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Why are prefabricated sports canopies widely used?
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Prefabricated sports tent is widely used in sports competitions such as gymnasium, football hall, basketball hall and natatorium. It is more and more popular among people. Why are prefabricated sports canopies widely used?

Sports canopies can be built quickly, compared to traditional buildings, the use of modular design, construction speed is fast, generally can be delivered within 6 weeks, saving your time.



Traditional open-air competition venues have been full of people's needs, compared to the construction of professional competition venues, the time is short, the investment is small, at the same time, bad weather is also affecting the game, the construction of sports tent is no requirements on the ground, in the original site is can be built, more convenient and stable.

The specification diversity of tent, span has 3-60 meters, side height is 4-8 meters, sports tent also has a lot of style on the exterior, can undertake custom-made to you according to your demand.

Use sports tent can save cost, detachable flexible, can be reused, green environmental protection. Therefore, the sports tent will be widely used.

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