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The 40-meter long-span prefabricated storage tent can relieve the storage pressure for Inner Mongolia railway logistics
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In April, after the completion of the large performance tent project of Beijing world horticultural expo, on May 19, our company once again contracted the large storage tent project of 40m span of Inner Mongolia railway logistics.

This order is 4000 square meters in total, divided into 2 groups. In order to meet the needs of customers, the design of the tent is 6 meters high eaves, using grey impervious tarpaulin, generous and simple. The manufacturing cycle of the whole project is 35 days. In 5 days, anbang tent set up 2 prefabricated warehouses for customers to relieve the logistics pressure.

Anbang tent design of the prefabricated storage tent has a number of points:

1. Compared with traditional buildings, the cost of manufacturing and construction is lower. Choosing PVC tarpaulin as the surrounding enclosure can reduce the cost to half of traditional buildings. At the same time, according to customer needs to use different tent accessories such as color steel tile sandwich wall.

2. Shorter construction time;

3, along with the demolition, green recycling. Storage tent not only durable (15-20 years life), but also according to customer demand, at any time, disassembly, optional construction, to meet the needs of customers in different areas of storage.



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