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What factors are considered when calculating the price of a tent?
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What factors are considered when calculating the price of a tent? Clients and friends, do you know? Below is explained for everybody by the staff member of manufacturer of housetop price, hope can be helpful to you.

1. Influence of after-sales service on the price of awning: a reliable manufacturer of awning will provide you with perfect after-sales service in addition to high-quality awning. For example, in the construction link, the manufacturer will send someone to guide the construction or be responsible for all the construction according to customer demand. In the use link, if the parts are lost or damaged, the company will also arrange after-sales service, and these perfect after-sales service will be part of the price!

A 2, inspection, test, packing, transportation, the impact on the awning room price: because of tent is for activities need to be used outdoors for a long time, and awning room area is compared commonly big, so it requires the awning room has a high degree of security, so not only need to strict quality control in production process, the awning room before delivery also will try to install, so as to find problems in a timely manner to ensure the quality of tent. At the same time also has like the transportation packing, the transportation efficiency and so on can have the influence to the tent cost!


3, awning room aluminum alloy material: in the part of the tent price for numerous, awning room is occupied the most important part of the material, although the awning room on the market at present basically is given priority to with aluminum alloy frame and PVC tarpaulin, but even the same material, thickness of its quality, specifications, tarpaulins grams will directly affect the safety of tent and price, some small manufacturer will take customers at low prices by reducing the material specification, advantages and disadvantages compared to material cost will vary between 15% and 20%. Of course, if your tent needs glass wall, PC board, ABS hardware wall and other supporting, the price of the tent will be relatively provided!

4, the influence of the production cost of awning room price: tent production technique and technology of the production will be directly related to the quality of the tent, beautiful and practical, the use of advanced technology of production of tent, for its part will deal with the details for material well, awning room in assemble, build, will be very quick to remove the main links such as inferior to craft awning room to improve efficiency of about 20%, general craft good awning room its cost of production will increase by 5%.

The above is all about what factors will be taken into consideration when calculating the price of the tent. If there is anything you do not know, you can communicate with our customer service staff. We are sincerely at your service.

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