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Can you make a round tent out of glass?
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Circular awning room, with its variety of changes and superior efficiency performance, gradually became the tent first choice for many activities, although the circular awning room unique appearance, but there are still some customers think galvanized pipe frame and tarpaulins spherical tent combination is not high, want to use glass to make, you can use glass to build circular tent? Below is explained for everybody by the worker of manufacturer of exit awning, hope can be helpful to you.

The conventional use galvanized frame and PVC tarpaulin circular awning room is enough to environment can be used in most situations, but for some customers in the use of unique needs, and export tent factory workers say is also can be used for glass building circular awning room, the glass ball awning room of ascension, the change is mainly manifested on the material on the structure and the conventional circular awning room no difference, framework USES the high strength aluminum alloy profiles, coverage with hollow toughened glass to replace the PVC tarpaulin.


The change of the material for the glass ball awning room brings better performance, the ability to resist the wind and snow load under has large improvement, can make up for the conventional spherical tent cannot be used in extremely cold or bad area, brought a longer service life of outdoor at the same time, in addition, the combination of aluminum and glass also bring great change for appearance, make the ball has more attractive to the appearance of the atmosphere, to promote their own unique high-end image, make it more suitable for application in high-end exhibition, high-end residential and other scenario, of course cost also was much higher than the conventional circular awning room!

So made round glass awning room is no problem, although the price rising cost of many, but using performance and appearance of the image has a lot to ascend, and in addition to the glass ball awning room, tent manufacturer for export workers say there are a variety of different types of circular awning room to choose from, you always make appropriate satisfactory circular tent for you!

That's all about the possibility of building a circular tent out of glass. If there's anything you don't know, please contact our customer service.

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