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What are the components of an insulated tent?
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What are the components of an insulated tent? , according to a small make up know tent material for heat preservation of awning room membrane structure formed by thermal insulation fabric, its outer layer is polyester fiber cloth coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and self-cleaning coating weight of 1000 g/SQM fabric, even of the outer fabric is made of PVC fabric back to stick a thermal path, weighing 650 g/SQM lining material is white and there is also a self-cleaning coating on the inner surface, which makes good reflective material.

Tent of this kind of membrane structure for insulation between the outer and inner layer fill glass wool blanket and completely sealed, can well prevent moisture to enter, at the same time it also has the very high structural integrity and good tensile properties, even in extreme weather conditions, it will not change the structure of the basic, its overall will not deformation.


The membrane structure of the awning is mechanically fixed to the galvanized support structure on the outside, which maximizes the valuable interior space of the hall. It has good insulation performance because the membrane structure does not have a cold bridge that causes heat loss in the corners and fasteners.

The above is about the composition of the insulation tent what all content, if there is still any do not understand the place can communicate with our customer service, we wholeheartedly for your service.

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