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What are the characteristics of membrane structure?
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What are the characteristics of membrane structure? Clients and friends, do you know? The following by the membrane structure of the technical staff to explain for you, I hope to be helpful to you.

1. Light transmittance: during the day, sunlight penetrates the membrane surface to fill the building with natural diffuse light at night. At night, the interior light through the membrane to add a dreamlike night scene to the empty. When the membrane structure is used for gymnasium and recreation facilities, it can achieve the ideal commercial space with all-day comfort.

2. Large span: membrane materials used in membrane construction are very light, with a weight of only about 1 kg per square meter. Therefore, membrane structure can fundamentally overcome the difficulties of traditional structure in column-free long-span buildings and create a huge column-free large space.

Countermeasures: 3, snow in the snow area, avoid buildings suffered heavy snow disaster management requires a certain amount of human and financial resources to maintain, as far as possible to reduce the cost as technicians, membrane structure architecture compared to the roof and other materials at the membrane surface is not easy to snow, as long as have a smaller Angle of snow will drop automatically. Moreover, due to the small thermal conductivity of membrane materials, if the use of snowmelt equipment can be carried out.


4, lightweight structure, membrane material and lighter than other building materials, roof with the membrane materials of buildings, with a strong shock resistance and good security, and, in the event of a disaster, the membrane structure of multi-functional facilities and stadiums, its free and bright with large space, can be used as a temporary shelter, emergency center, such as disaster relief headquarters. Therefore, membrane structures can protect people's safety in times of emergency.

5. Comfortable space: membrane architecture is the most representative and promising architectural form in the 21st century. It breaks the previous architectural pattern and becomes the symbolic building of the city with its unique, colorful shapes and graceful curves. Membrane architecture provides a variety of USES, not only for sports facilities, transportation facilities, commercial facilities, public facilities, etc., but also for charming and personalized landscape sketches and iconic works, providing architects and planners with greater imagination and creative space.

The above is about the membrane structure of the characteristics of what all the content, if there is still what do not understand the place can communicate with our customer service, we wholeheartedly for your service.

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