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What kind of heat preservation should you pay attention to when setting up a tent in winter?
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What kind of heat preservation should you pay attention to when setting up a tent in winter? Do you know, campers? Below by tent factory worker explains for everybody, hope can be helpful to you.

1, account within and outside the tent in the middle with space must be, that is to say within the account and the need to leave a space after the external accounts, because of the high night temperature in the tent, and the tents outside temperature is low, this account will condense water inside, outside if the account and the account does not have to set aside a certain space between them, so, outside the water drops on account can stick together within the account and the bill, you lose the heat preservation effect of such tents, because double account is relying on the space in between the inside and external accounts account to ensure that the temperature inside the tent, as the two clothes you wear, very warm, but was splashed with water, after two clothes stick together, the heat preservation effect, As to how to make between inside account book and outside account book can good put apart space? Very simple, as long as the outer tent side of the wind rope pull up, OK!

2, floor mat: some friends think the floor mat is not important, want to sleep at night warm as long as the sleeping bag is good, in fact, this is completely wrong! If you don't have a good spot, even if your sleeping bag is good, you'll wake up in the middle of the night. Mat says below, in winter, it is best not to use hot reflex of the mat, heat reflection type low is that a blindfolded aluminum paper that, because this kind of mat can produce water, in the evening, in turn, become water, due to the heat reflection mat material problem, the water cannot be absorbed by the floor mat, and stay in the ground mat, this time just be absorbed by your sleeping bag, so the heat reflection mat had better not use in winter. What kind of floor? Hey hey, inflatable floor pad, very good oh, inflatable floor pad with good quality down sleeping bag, can ensure that you sleep well!!!


3. Sleeping bag: sleeping bag is important! I hope you have a down sleeping bag for this season. Simply put, it is recommended that you purchase a mummy down sleeping bag with a weight of 1000 grams of stuffing. The filling weight should be at least 90%, and the sleeping bag should have an upright lining structure to prevent uneven distribution of the down in the sleeping bag.

4, the ground: the ground to flat, do not tilt, this is because the sloping ground sleep very painful, the ground to spread dry leaves, remember is dry! This can effectively separate the tent from the ground so as to warm up!

5. Bonus: no fire in the tent unless you are prepared or sure there will be no accident! If the middle of the night sleep cold, can lie on the side of the body to sleep, this method I am many years of experience! Absolutely! Because this contact with the ground is not the whole back but only one side of the body, this can save a considerable amount of heat is not lost. It can make your sleep much more comfortable, which means it's not cold, because sleeping on your side is painful.

That's all about what you should pay attention to when setting up a tent in winter. If you still have any questions, please contact our customer service. We will do our best to serve you.

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