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Can aluminium alloy tent be used in desert area?
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Desert area is sparsely populated all the time, but the mysterious color that it has is very yearning all the time, so at present the commercial development that aims at desert area undertakes more and more, development process a lot of places need to use prefabricated tent building, can aluminium alloy tent be used in desert area then? Below is explained for everybody by the staff of guangdong tent, hope can be helpful to you.

Due to the influence of terrain and natural factors in desert areas, large-scale construction and development of traditional buildings in this environment will not only destroy the surrounding environment, but also cost a lot of construction costs, so the development degree of desert areas has not been high. But with the guidance of tourism economy, the characteristic flavor of desert tourism development, and the development of prefabricated construction, also provides alternative scheme for desert region construction, at present a lot of desert camp or large activities of accommodation, catering, large venues such as awning room space is in the use of the prefabricated building, so what's the advantage using the aluminum awning room?

1, stability: aluminum alloy tent in the construction of terrain without too many requirements, even in the desert on these soft base surface, there are appropriate fixed methods can be used, the stability of the tent can be guaranteed. Or also can pass the plan that makes a platform, let tent build above platform, can offer level off ground for tent not only so, cooperate floor, carpet to use at the same time more benefit walks the class that promotes tent space;


2, wind resistance: desert sand is particularly large, and the structure of the tent is 6061-t6 high quality aluminum alloy profile, has a strong wind resistance, conventional resistance to 8-10 grade wind, additional circumstances can also be through the reinforcement profile, add measures to enhance the wind resistance of the tent. The same is the use of PVC material tarpaulin also has a good tear resistance, also can effectively resist sand;

3. Service life: although the service life of prefabricated buildings is not as good as that of traditional fixed buildings, they also have a very good service life. Like the aluminum alloy frame has a service life of more than 20 years, and we will also conduct electrophoresis treatment on the surface of the aluminum alloy profile, so that it will not be eroded by sand, improve the service life. The materials covering the tarpaulin also have a service life of 5-8 years, and if the tarpaulin is damaged, only the tarpaulin can be replaced. The overall service life is not to worry about.

Generally speaking, aluminum alloy tent is used in desert area completely without problem on security, having the important advantage that builds fast and efficient, need not soil and water work at the same time.

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