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What measure can assure the safety of large warehouse tent?
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What measure can assure the safety of large warehouse tent? Safety of tent of large warehouse is the problem that tent manufacturer should consider most, the technical personnel that whole factory by tent quality below explains for everybody, hope can be helpful to you somewhat.

1, large tent generally refers to the span of large tent, general use of the common hermitage tent;

2, large tent generally common in industry and mining, or outdoor large-scale commercial activities;

3, large tent because the span is larger, generally choose aluminum alloy material, aluminum alloy light quality, can reduce the weight of the structure of the tent itself;

4, large tent because of its span, the use of tie rod fixed herring-bone structure at the top, the column will use side bumper;


5, scissors support and wire rope is also used as a large tent of the stable way;

6. When using the large tent, the user should hang as few heavy objects as possible on the top, such as the crystal lamp.

7, tent of the column, in the construction of the time to be stable, use as far as possible not to bump into; When stacking objects, pay attention to stacking position, do not stick pillars or tarpaulin, should be and the tent around the appropriate distance, leave a person walking position; Regularly inspect all parts of the tent, replace and repair any damage.

The above is about what measures can guarantee the safety of large warehouse tent all content, if there is still what do not understand the place can communicate with our customer service, we wholeheartedly for your service.

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