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What are the factors that affect the price of a tent?
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What are the factors that affect the price of a tent? Clients and friends, do you know? Below by the technical personnel of tent price explains for everybody, hope can be helpful to you.

1, the impact of raw materials on the price of the tent: the first is the purchase of raw materials, the tent of raw materials mainly by aluminum, steel, PVC tarpaulin and glass curtain wall, ABS board, color steel sandwich board these categories. The ply of these material, material qualitative stand or fall affects the safety of tent directly and price discretion

2, the impact of production technology on the price of the tent: the quality of production technology is directly related to the tent's aesthetic and smooth use and convenience. Make craft good tent in assemble, build. Disassembly and other major links will be very smooth, and not easy to damage. The effect that builds disassembly compares the tent that makes craft bad wants to raise 20% or so, the tent that makes craft good cost to compare poor wants to increase 5%.


3. Impact of inspection, trial building, packaging and transportation on the price of tent: inspection and trial building, packaging, transportation and use of finished products. Because the tent parts are in an arbitrary assembly mode. This requires that the error of components of the same variety must be controlled within 2mm, so it is not only necessary to inspect at any time in the production process, but also to inspect the final assembly when leaving the factory, so as to find problems in time. Additional, the number that must see tent determines packing way is stowage or special car is carried. To ensure the products are not damaged during loading, unloading and transportation. Finally, in the process of construction, the supplier will send one person to guide the construction according to the customer's requirements, or the supplier shall be responsible for all the construction. This expense accounts for about 5% of the total price.

4. The impact of production cost on the price of awning: the cost of water, gas and electricity, and the cost of workers' wages.

Above is about the factor that affects tent price to have what all content, if still have what do not know place to be able to communicate with our customer service, we serve wholeheartedly for you.

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