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How much more appropriate is the roof slope of the tile house?
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Color steel tile is a kind of color coated steel plate made of corrugated plate, after rolling and cold forming. Applicable to industry, civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings, such as large span steel structure roof, wall, interior and exterior decoration, light weight, high intensity, rich color, construction convenient and fast, earthquake, fire, rain, long service life, maintenance free, so the color steel tile roof slope more appropriate?

Normally, the choice of Angle of roof slope of color steel tile house is 30-40 degrees, gradient ratio is 5%, 8%, 10% and 15%, because of this, not only can make the roof water and snow, but also can effectively ensure that the house has enough space, so color steel tile house screw how to cover?


Color steel tile room screw, buy the nail of big nail above all, with mature plastic pad, pistol rotational speed is not uniform, can affect the distance between color steel plate and fixed surface, so, when fixing, uniform fixed rubber pad, then rotate 1-2 circle, rubber pad and color steel plate stick firmly, prevent rain infiltration. Second, fix nails, the best user external silicone, silicone nails hit the hip, play a role in rust, in order to prevent a long time nails, will rust loose, resulting in rain infiltration! Only in this way can ensure the service life of steel tile house long!

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