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What are the advantages of awning?
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The tent is a new type of temporary structure for outdoor activities. It is called a "mobile home" because of its flexibility in disassembly and storage and transportation. It can be widely used for professional exhibitions, fairs, celebrations, outdoor weddings, sports events and other venues. What are the advantages of using a tent? The following tent price xiaobian summary of the following six points:

1. Clear span: there are no columns in the center of the building;

2. Administrative approval: temporary building approval procedures;


3. Repeated construction: repeatable disassembly and construction, low reconstruction cost;

4, flexibility: standard battery composite structure, easy to expand and combine;

5, reduce the foundation investment: simple foundation and simple construction special conditions can not need the foundation;

6, fast and efficient: standard unit combination structure merger, split, merger, relocation and buyback

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