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Did you pay attention to these details when fixing the outdoor tent?
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We all know to set up a tent outdoors. The tent should be supported in a relatively flat area, with as few sharp objects as possible on the ground, such as stones, roots, branches, etc. Even broken branches and branches break books easily. The entrance and exit should be returned to the air outlet, the ground should be relatively dry, if the ground has a small slope, the ground should be selected at the downhill exit, to facilitate digging ditches and drainage, so when fixing the outdoor tent, did you pay attention to these details? The following liri tent xiaobian summary of the following six points, for reference only

1, tent bag, tent pole bag and ground nail bag should be away from, so as not to lose;

2. It shall be noted that all connection ropes between the inside and outside accounts shall be tied together and wind rope shall be pulled;

3, now more common double pole tent, in support of tent pole, need to support two poles at the same time;


4, when putting down nails, it is best to put down the tent two diagonals, and then put down the tent two diagonals. This kind of tent is fairly flat;

5. After supporting the tent, check the distance between inside and outside the tent. If they stick together, they will affect the protection of rain and dew and should be adjusted.

6. When the nails are lowered, a 45-60 degree tilt should be the best so that the nails can be laid easily and with more force. The distance and direction between the nail and the ground should be the same as the axis of the guide rope. The guide rope and the nail should be at a 90 degree Angle, which facilitates maximum strength. In fixed order, we should pay attention to the corresponding fixed, such as: first left anterior Angle, then right posterior Angle, right anterior Angle, left posterior Angle.

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