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How to protect outdoor tents from lightning?
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Most fans think camping tents are affect lightning, mainly because of the tent material, however, will affect the thunder and the tent of the relationship between a material and there is not much, tent price is still mainly small make up that the choice of location, the higher the conductor, lightning will hit first, so we at outdoor tent as far as possible choose slightly lower place, avoid close to high camp, otherwise may be hit by arc how set up in the outdoor tent to lightning protection?

1, the choice of lightning first according to the height of the conductor, and between a number of conductor, it hits the highest, under normal circumstances, thunder and lightning usually will be in the rain, so whether glass rod or aluminum rod, tent fabric will become the conductor for wet water, so to attract lightning, more is determined by the height not curtain rod materials.


2, thunder and lightning damage mainly from two aspects, one is the direct impact, and to avoid direct impact, the simple principle is not to become the high point of this area, stand out from the crowd is the most easy to be split, is the so-called shooting birds; The second is high voltage arc, which is the phenomenon of air discharge caused by the high voltage of lightning. After hitting an object, the high voltage will form an arc near the object and cause damage. Therefore, while not becoming a high point, it is also necessary to avoid camping near the high point, otherwise you will still be hit by electric arc. Therefore, it is relatively ideal to choose a site with relatively low overall terrain and vegetation height, and a certain distance from tall plants or buildings to camp.

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