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How should reasonable computation tent house price?
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To consumer character, reasonable price often is the important index that people buys this commodity one of them, and tent price suffers the effect of unit price not only, also can get the factor of the area size of tent, so how should we want reasonable computation tent price?

Awning room prices are normally calculated per square area multiplied by the price, and the determinants of tent unit price for each square depends on span and high side and spatial modelling, this is because the larger the span may be the better material, because of the high side, the higher may be the better material, and some tent complex modelling, design and manufacture of hard copy directly, cause the tent installation of time it takes for a lot of time cost and manpower cost, thus, the unit price of awning room, the more expensive.


Besides afore-mentioned element, still have an area, according to formula, tent price = area * tent every square price can see, the area is bigger also the price is met taller, how should choose so? If you don't need different modelling, the choice of the big awning room, ordinary an a-line shape and span does not need to ask, A little bit small, regular edge is high, this tent is usually more than 100 square, and then the length can be set up, the total price is not too high, can save money, in A nutshell is relative to buy less, buy more, there is certainly A favorable unit price, because the area is large, but the price will certainly relative prices are higher, it will be judged according to their actual needs.

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