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What are the characteristics of industrial storage tent?
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Storage tent is a kind of according to the customer's needs of the size of the tent, and the requirements of the material, different materials, different size of the price is also different, and the use of different storage tent is also different, so what are the characteristics of the industrial use of storage tent?

1. The storage tent is portable, flexible and safe. It can be expanded or reduced according to the needs of the enterprise, and it is convenient to dismantle and build.

2, storage tent adaptability, the requirements of the environment is not very high, the general ground can be built. Even ordinary grass, cement, etc. Can be built;


3, storage tent has a good thermal insulation effect, generally can play a thermal insulation effect on stored goods. The storage shed used as the warehouse generally adopts double insulation material, and can also be used as a mobile refrigerated warehouse.

4, warehouse tent lighting, can save a lot of electricity costs, the general warehouse tent is mainly built by aluminum alloy frame equipped with tarpaulin, and tarpaulin has a good light transmission, the day does not need lighting can be seen, of course, if you need good shading effect tarpaulin, also can choose opaque tarpaulin to achieve the effect.

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