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Planning a perfect TENT WEDDING
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It's spring time again, and couples looking for the perfect outdoor wedding can start planning. Before you start, you might as well look at anbang tent for you to prepare [perfect outdoor wedding planning advice] :


The separation of available outdoor Spaces allows guests to relax in different tent areas. For example, you might divide up the following Spaces: FOOD SERVICE, DINNING, DANCING, RELAXED CONVERSATION.

I THINK ABOUT the SIZE of the tent

The size of your tent must be based on the number of guests you have. Make sure you leave enough room for everyone to sit comfortably. If you invite a stage show, you'll also need to set up the stage and set up the lighting.


Whether it is sunny or rainy, anbang tent allows you to enjoy not only the openness and freshness of the outdoors, but also the safety and comfort of the interior. The cover and cover are free to come apart and meet all your needs.

4. Decoration

The coping of awning and all round, can install droplight and adornment small string lamp, yi ke builds a sweet and romantic atmosphere in the evening.

5. Match colors with UTLIZE COLOR

Generally, our customers choose the wedding tent to red, white - based. Perhaps you can feel white is relatively drab, but pass collocation adornment, still can dazzle full court.

Create visual impact with colorful dinner MATS and paper towels, and emphasize your theme with floral and floral decorations.


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