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Today awakening of insects, anbang remind: the weather is changeable, pay attention to the tent use safety
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On March 5 this year, we usher in the awakening of insects solar term. "Spring thunder ring, all things long", the arrival of the awakening of insects means the beginning of the middle of spring, the average temperature in most areas of our country rose to more than 0℃, the soil began to thaw, into the spring ploughing season. At this time, the weather warm and cold, but also need to "spring cover" to prevent the cold.


But the recent weather is changeable, jiangsu province and other parts of the country appear strong wind and rain weather, anbang remind customers, strong wind and heavy rain weather should pay attention to the following matters.

In 1. If the wind and the following, we shall ensure that all apron tension, make the awning room form a closed space, and secondly, for the sake of safety, we should according to the specifications of awning room add enough weight, if can pull in the area of the awning room four or more suspension cables are fixed, so the safety coefficient of awning room will be greatly improved;

2. If the wind above magnitude 8, in the case of time and personnel conditions permit, it is best to remove the awning room, stay to disappear after the bad weather, if the conditions are not allowed to, need to remove the tarpaulins in time, and the framework for reinforcement, evacuation peng of the personnel and the valuables in the room, to avoid unnecessary loss.

Under the normal construction and use of our tent, itself can withstand the force 8 wind, but if there is a super typhoon and other extreme bad weather, please follow our advice to do, to ensure the safety of your life and property. Anbang mobile awning manufacturing co., ltd. adhering to the quality first, customer first principle, over the years for countless customers to provide a lot of perfect awning solutions and products, has also been praised by many customers, our product quality is trustworthy.

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