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Awning - a new option for outdoor wedding celebrations
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Many people choose to hold their wedding in spring, not only considering the factors of weather and temperature, but also because spring is the season when everything comes back to life. Holding a wedding in such a season full of vitality also contains people's good wishes for marriage. But if the wedding venue in the hotel indoor, we do not live up to the good spring, lost with the spring intimate contact good opportunity. How can we hold a spring full of spring wedding in spring, and at the same time ensure that the wedding held smoothly? Our tent may give you a satisfactory answer.

There are several benefits to using a canopy for your wedding:

1. The transportation and construction process of the tent is very simple and fast, and it is not limited by the environmental space. It can be installed in almost any place you want, whether it is a beautiful lawn in the suburbs or in front of your own door with friends and relatives.

2. The tent is beautiful, unique appearance, colorful, itself is a beautiful scenery, in addition to your wedding activities for shelter, more can make your wedding out of the ordinary, to your guests leave a good memory;

3. The awning room plasticity is extremely strong, awning room with fixed buildings, can undertake interior decoration, regardless of whether they are full of festive atmosphere ribbon cloth, or shine of lamps and lanterns, or the furniture furniture of different style, can appear in the awning room, grace for your wedding, in addition, also can install air conditioning, awning room really make your guests feel at home;

Tent has a strong commercial value, for 4. If you do wedding celebration planning company, or other businesses that provide a similar service, also have a tent, is you stand out in a magic weapon to win, is different from the traditional wedding host space and form, make your customers feel different, fancy wedding tent will be sure to make your business to the next level.

The following picture is the custom tent of ge boss somewhere in suzhou. Ge boss is located in the area adjacent to the famous tourist resort - taihu lake, just think, in the picturesque taihu lake water bank, all friends and relatives in the tent to accept the new banquet, send a sincere blessing, such a happy and beautiful picture will be present all remember life.

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