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As 2016 draws to a close, China's commercial market has entered another busy period of the year. Christmas Eve, Christmas day, New Year's day and our most important Spring Festival will come soon. It is not difficult to imagine how many business opportunities will be brought by the huge crowd during the festival.

How to develop a school of one's own in the face of various publicity and promotion methods and catch the eye of consumers instantly? Of tent house appear and popularity believe to be able to give you a good choice.

The following benefits can be obtained from the use of awning for commercial exhibition and promotional activities:

1. The tent is easy to transport disassembly and installation, can freely choose a large passenger flow or suitable for your area and location, flexible, get rid of some traditional fixed display way constraints, let you really zero distance and your customers contact communication;

2. The tent is beautiful in shape and eye-catching in appearance. Imagine a picture of your competitors still use cheap rough shelter or other old display tools for activities, and your activity on the venue has been "tall" tent products, for customers in far away places tends to be attracted by your tent, virtually increased business opportunities for you.

3. The tent is a temporary building. It does not need to go through complicated approval procedures to build and use it.

4. Stable structure and high overall security. It is inevitable that the weather is not favorable for the activity. In the adverse weather environment, such as rain, snow and wind, the open-air exhibition form can only be postponed or abandoned. Moreover, the simple folding tent cannot guarantee safety, which often makes the customers retreat. Awning room perfect solved such problems, changzhou tent manufacture co., LTD for business mobile awning room products, high strength aluminum alloy frame and double PVC knife tarpaulins, resistant to 10 cm relative magnitude 8 wind and snow weather, at the same time, tarpaulins also have fire prevention function such as uv, greatly improve the safety, let you hold activities have no trouble back at home.

In December 2016, a client in a certain area chose our tent for commercial exhibition and sales activities, and finally achieved gratifying results. Here are some pictures taken at the event site for your viewing.

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