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Storage tent -- convenient "mobile fortress"
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In recent years, with the continuous development of economy and the continuous improvement of various laws and regulations, it has become a difficult problem for more and more enterprises to make full use of the existing space to build new fixed buildings to be used as warehouses and factories. On the one hand is the growing demand for warehouse and factory space, on the other hand is the fixed building approval barriers, how to overcome such contradictions in today's situation? For many, storage tents are their choice.

Compared with traditional fixed buildings, storage tent has the following obvious advantages:

1. There is no need for complex building approval process, which facilitates enterprises to solve problems quickly;

2. Speed, speed is embodied in various aspects, one is relative to the fixed building greatly shorten the manufacturing cycle, less is more than 10 days, more than a month, regular size of the awning room to be able to complete manufacturing, 2 it is to build fast disassembly, part of the industry to special points, awning room to use two or three days before the start of the season time quickly set up good, also can temporarily during the off-season complete removal at the same speed, convenient and quick.

3. High cost performance, compared with the expenditure of fixed buildings, storage tent cost is a drop in the bucket. Compared with the price of fixed buildings so favorable at the same time, the safety and stability of the tent also has a very good performance, can withstand grade 8 wind and 10 mm thick snow, the service life is up to more than 10 years.

Recently, we cooperated with a Shanghai electric appliance company which has a special influence in the world. We built a warehouse tent of more than 2000 square meters by using a piece of vacant land of the company. After the event, we anbang awning extremely high work efficiency, leading the whole industry cost-effective and impeccable product quality won the customer's recognition and praise.

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