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Dragon Boat Festival, anbang awning "dumplings" for you
agtent 2016-06-12 1485 time

Today is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month -- the traditional Chinese festival "Dragon Boat Festival". All members of anbang tent wish our customers and friends a happy holiday!

Dragon Boat Festival holiday, some areas will usher in rich precipitation. In such weather conditions, outdoor events with covered roofs can still be a popular gathering point.

This year's Dragon Boat Festival, anbang tent for you to recommend two of our company's high-quality products:

Top combination tent (jiangxi customer case)


Customer demand: make full use of the site to create a high-end and elegant event site.

Anbang scheme: spire combination collocation rice color cloth curtain

Tips: this product is suitable for warm and romantic activities held during holidays. It has a high-end and elegant appearance, unique shape and highlights customers' taste.

Glass painting tent (Shanghai customer case)

Customer needs: adapt to the community area with small site, and create exquisite and beautiful experience area.

Anbang scheme: glass enclosure collocation custom tarpaulin spray painting

Tips: this product is suitable for customers who hold high-end product exhibitions. It has exquisite and beautiful appearance, transparent glass to increase lighting, and participating customers have a strong sense of experience.

Anbang tent is the choice of high-quality products and efficient service, we look forward to working with you!

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