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Wedding tent - let you have a more special, memorable, beautiful wedding
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If let you recall a few of the sweetest and happiest moments in your life, for most people, the wedding must be an indispensable part of it.

Awning of a wide variety of applications, all kinds of wedding ceremony of the scene of nature is not without our anbang awning figure. Recently, the li that is located in yangzhou certain place is about to hold wedding, how to manage the wedding that does not open a new face to become his anguish, pass one time deliberate, li li chose outdoor tent nuptial this kind of novel nuptial form.

In their own door, set up a beautiful style of the tent and stage, invited to everyone's friends and relatives, with the new blessing, all the people gathered together, in anbang tent accompanied by the witness of the couple's life good time. Tent for Mr Li for the business choice of red and white tent, the outside of the red tent set off the perfect wedding lively festive atmosphere, the inside of the white tent, add the holy and beautiful for wedding, on either side of the transparent window with chic modelling, feast for the eyes at the same time provides a good daylighting inside the tent, of high quality aluminum alloy frame after careful processing appear smooth and brightening, more demonstrated the atmosphere of the wedding and happy.

Think customer think, for customers to solve the problem, has been our anbang awning unremitting pursuit. In addition to awning products, we always believe that good after-sales service and excellent technical quality is also the core of our survival. Since 2008, we have customized many awnings for numerous customers, all of which have been recognized and praised by customers. Anbang awning, sincerely look forward to working with you!

(photo taken the day before Mr. Li's wedding in yangzhou)

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