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Expomax(China)Tent curtain wall canopy -- help high-end wedding activities
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Recently, anbang tent was honored to cooperate with a high-end wedding celebration hall located on the huangpu river in Shanghai and adjacent to the expo pavilion. According to the high-end, gorgeous and exquisite characteristics of this client, anbang canopy specially designed a set of glass curtain wall canopy for them. In the following several wedding activities, this unique and beautiful transparent glass canopy became the focus of the whole audience, has received the customer's affirmation and praise.

Changzhou anbang mobile awning manufacturing co., LTD. Produced by the glass curtain wall awning, frame using high strength aluminum alloy, not only stable and reliable, and beautiful easy to build; The material that cover USES is PVC double layer knife to scratch tarpaulin, prevent rain and fire effectively prevent ultraviolet ray while, had beautiful and firm characteristic concurrently; All around the glass curtain wall, with special custom tempered glass, is the highlight of the entire tent. Match the cloth curtain that celebrates an activity to use with marriage, lamplight and all sorts of furniture wait, this tent room became a scenery of riverside of huangpu river undoubtedly.

Since 2008, anbang awning has been adhering to the principle of "customer god, quality first", serving numerous customers and getting their unanimous recognition. Anbang awning has a leading domestic technical team, in addition to conventional awning products, we are fully capable of according to the needs of customers to tailor your own awning products. Anbang awning is sincerely looking forward to cooperating with you.

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