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April has come to an end, the May Day holiday is approaching, in this midsummer approaching moment, want to hold a wedding ceremony friends have not thought of such a choice? A green garden or suburban villa garden, or lake lawn or near the mountain and near the water, after elaborate decoration, in the sun, grass and friends and family together into the embrace of nature, sharing chic wedding atmosphere.

Elegant, novel, fashion, in foreign outdoor lawn wedding has become a fashion, especially in the summer, outdoor wedding seems to have become the best place to witness the romantic. As a temporary building, anbang mobile tent's plasticity and reconstructive performance can meet the different needs of customers in different time and environment.

Anbang mobile tent simple, convenient installation characteristics determine that it has a wide range of applicability, a variety of tent professional supporting facilities, can meet customers for different types of wedding planning requirements. The check-in desk, rest area, waiting area, performing arts area and even the stage in the wedding ceremony can extend the unique creative and imaginative space under the interpretation of the tent.

Whether it's a sunny day or a night with flashing lights, you can relax in the unique scenery created by anbang mobile tent, enjoy the beauty of the wedding ceremony, and accept the best wishes from friends and relatives!

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